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A virtual patient-generating ecosystem around your clinic

Our goal is simple: to get clinic owners results that transform their business in a way that they wouldn't know how to ask for.

The truth is success with generic marketing agencies is guesswork. You're presented with a list of solutions and left to take a punt on which ones *might* work for your business. What worked for a software company in the city is not going to work for a Chiropractor in Oxford - but often you'll be following the same blueprint!

But what if experts in lead generation specifically for local health clinics took you by the hand and built your strategy for you? People who know the industry and know what is going to get results.

It is this approach that shifts you out of the gambling bracket and brings you over to a business-transforming partnership.

Traffic & engagement

46% of all searches on Google are for local sites and businesses. Through elevating your clinic's Google Business profile and your website's Google rankings, we will make sure you show up at the top of local searches for people seeking the services you offer.  

As your online reputation dictates the level of engagement you receive, we implement systems to ensure you are recognised as the best practitioners for the job in your area.

Your 'hub'

Your website is where everything leads back to. If you're not consistently and effectively converting cold traffic to patients at your practice, then you're leaving heaps of business on the table every week that passes.

That’s why our websites are a cut above anything else on the market. They follow a blueprinted approach, dialled in from taking all the optimal components from the best-performing websites within the functional health industry. All the while being completely customized to your clinic's brand & expertise.

Why it works

Neither marketing nor a strong website alone can guarantee success. You need to be able to both generate traffic to your website, then effectively convert that traffic into patients. The key is having both layers working in tandem with each other to create a virtual patient-generating ecosystem around your clinic.

This is not only the most effective means of lead generation for practitioners, it also provides the most long-term security in attaining continous and reliable results month-on-month. You will have a system in place that will consistently get your clinic in front of your audience, demonstrate you are the best people for the job then convert that audience into patients.

This is why clinic owners operating under Grow My Clinic are experiencing results other agencies could not give you.

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About me

I’m George Holland and I founded Grow My Clinic specifically for clinic owners to enjoy recurring results landing clients in their local area without feeling they are gambling their money on more generic marketing & web agencies.

I entered the space to be recognised as the 'go-to guy' for clinic owners looking to transform their marketing fortunes. My mission is to put an end to the 'panic' in finding new patients each and every month and instead create an environment of confidence & security.

Recently I've even started running and managing my own business directory for local health practitioners!

Recent work

"George has been incredibly professional and dedicated to building, not just my website, but my business also. The website he has built for me is such an upgrade from my previous website, it's sleek, stylish, modern, and easy to use.

On top of all this, within a matter of weeks, his SEO work is also proving fruitful. I absolutely recommend working with George if you require a website and someone to boost you on Google"

Aidan Keeble
Aidan Keeble Sports Therapy
Physical Therapy Clinic Owner

"I am delighted to share my positive experience working with George on the development of my website and business profile on Google.

George's professionalism and dedication to creating a site tailored to my target market impressed me. His commitment to quality was evident through thorough research. I highly recommend George to anyone in search of a professional and collaborative web development partner"

Ellie Yuen
EY Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy Clinic Owner
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Our Google review app is helping health clinics in get more 5-star Reviews on Google
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An automated SMS text message is ready to go with your personal Google review link. All you need to do is type in your patient's mobile phone number.

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An automated email is ready to go with your review link. All you need to do is type in your patient's email address.

Scan QR code

If you're in-person with your patient, click your 'Scan QR Code' button and a QR code pops up for your patient to scan. They'll go straight to your Google Business profile's reviews section.

More Google reviews mean
Higher Google Business profile rankings
Increased conversion rates
Boosted online reputation
More patients
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